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The Future of Sports

Global Esports Management Course

The University of Miami's Global Esports Management Course is a non-credit program for participants seeking to understand the growing international esports business environment. Esports (sometimes referred to as e-sports) are multiplayer video games played competitively, in front of spectators, by professional or amateur gamers.

In this online, self-paced program, you will explore this rapidly growing industry. You will gain an understanding of the esports business environment, its global nature, core principles of success, and how esports management differs from traditional sports management.

The University of Miami Global Esports Management course is taught in English, with subtitles and content translations available in Spanish and Mandarin.

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Taught by University of Miami Sport Sciences and Sport Administration Faculty

The Esports Industry is Booming


The esports industry is due to quadruple in size over the next few years.

$1 Billion +

The esports industry generates billions of dollars in revenue every year with additional growth projected.


Audience growth year over year. Viewership continues to grow as more and more fans tune into live streaming events and tournaments.

What Our Course Explores

Introduction to Esports

An overview of the global business of esports

Marketing and Data Insights

Learn how esports marketing deviates from more traditional areas


Learn to navigate the world of esports sponsorships

Event Experiences

Millions of people all over the world tune into esports tournaments and events. Get the inside track on what goes into the event experience from the business side

Communications and Media Relations

Learn how the esports industry has expanded so rapidly

The UM Difference

The expertise of our University of Miami faculty will help students gain an understanding of the esports industry that is grounded in both academic rigor and real-world understanding. Each module will include a pre-recorded video Q&A with a Kinesiology and Sport Sciences faculty member and a high-level esports executive, who will provide a detailed account of how the module’s principles are applied in the esports environment.

Additional Course Highlights

👾 Get two years of complimentary admission to the annual University of Miami Global Sport Industry Conference (SIC)

👾 Access to quarterly webinars for one year

👾 Network with other students, alumni, and industry professionals

👾 Earn a digital professional development badge from the University of Miami

Turn Your Passion Into a Career

👾 No experience working or studying in the sports/gaming industry is required

👾 Transition to a new industry while pursuing your personal interests

👾 Apply your expertise as a gamer, professional athlete, or business professional to a new booming industry

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