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The University of Miami Global Esports Management Certificate Program is a non-credit program for participants seeking to understand the growing international Esports business environment. Esports (sometimes referred to as e-sports) are multiplayer video games played competitively, in front of spectators, by professional or amateur gamers.

In this online, self-paced program, you will explore this rapidly growing industry. You will gain an understanding of the Esports business environment, its global nature, core principles of success, and how Esports management differs from traditional sports management. To provide an in-depth industry focus, faculty from the University of Miami Sport Administration Program have partnered with Esports leaders and executives working in the Esports business to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge for participants.

The University of Miami Global Esports Management Certificate Program is available in English, Spanish and Mandarin.

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Quick Facts About the Program

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  • Career Outlook

    The global Esports industry posted $1.1 billion in revenue during 2020 and had nearly half a billion viewers and fans. Participation, viewing, and fandom are growing rapidly around the world, and Esports revenues are projected to quadruple by 2027. Large companies are signing sponsorship deals with leagues, teams, and gamers.

    Collegiate-level Esports is also growing, with colleges beginning to recruit players for varsity teams. The National Association of Collegiate Esports has 170 member schools with varsity Esports programs. The association reports that its members have distributed more than $16 million in scholarships and aid to more than 5,000 student-athletes. The National Junior College Athletic Association Esports league, founded in 2019, has nearly 65 two-year colleges in competition. High schools are now also starting varsity Esports programs and competing in Esports leagues.

    There are numerous career paths available to individuals interested in Esports. Companies involved in this industry include:

    • Game and tournament production and management firms
    • Video game companies and developers
    • Esports broadcast platforms
    • Competitors and team organizers Corporate sponsors and advertising agencies
    • Event management firms
    • Marketing, media and public relations agencies, and in-house departments

    Additionally, marketing firms and divisions, event venues, merchandise manufacturers, and media rights organizations work within the Esports industry.

    An understanding of Esports also opens up growth opportunities for those interested in sports management, technology, and entrepreneurial opportunities.

  • What Will I Learn?

    The Global Esports Management Certificate Program is divided into five modules:

    The Global Esports Management Certificate Program is divided into five modules

    1. Introduction to Esports
    2. Marketing and Data Insights
    3. Sponsorships
    4. Event Experiences
    5. Communications and Media Relations

    Faculty members from the University of Miami Sport Administration Program worked with Esports professionals to create each module. Each module will be followed by a discussion with an Esports executive who will provide a detailed account of how the module principles are applied in the Esports environment.

    By completing the program, you will:

    • Gain an overview of the Esports industry.
    • Learn about basic sports management principles and how they apply to Esports.
    • Identify the operational and management differences between Esports and traditional sports business environments.
    • Learn about the basic Esports business disciplines.
    • Understand the various gaming segments within Esports.

  • Global Esports Management Experts

    Bryce Blum

    Bryce Blum represents The Who’s who in Esports and is a thought leader on key legal and business issues facing all aspects of the Esports ecosystem. Bryce also acts as a consultant and Esports industry expert, working with parties throughout sports, media, and entertainment to help them capitalize on the explosive growth of the Esports industry. He serves as general counsel for clients at the forefront of the Esports industry, as well as businesses and individuals throughout the Esports industry, including acting as outside general counsel at Unikrn. Bryce sits at the intersection of the Esports and traditional sports industries, working with major sports teams and owners as they expand their businesses into esports. He has written numerous op-eds on Esports legal and business issues for ESPN, frequently posts on Reddit and Twitter, appears on TV and Esports talk shows, and speaks at conferences all over the world.

    Bryce will be interviewed by Paul Resnick as part of the Introduction to Esports module.

    Kristen Salvatore

    Kristen Salvatore is Cloud9’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and has over 20 years of experience in the gaming industry. Cloud9 is one of the most recognized Esports brands in the US and the UK, fielding 12 professional teams in 11 different games, and generating more viewer hours than cable networks like CNN or ESPN. Kristen leads teams to close multi-million dollar deals, and grows senior-level relationships across brands. She coaches and mentors global teams to create a culture of perpetual improvement while exceeding goals.

    Kristen will be interviewed by Dr. Warren Whisenant as part of the Marketing and Data Insights module.

    Naz Aletaha

    Naz Aletaha serves as the head of Global Esports Partnerships and Business Development at Riot Games, where she oversees global sponsorships, strategic partnerships, business development, and media rights for League of Legends Esports. While at Riot Games, Naz has spearheaded groundbreaking partnerships with the likes of Mastercard, Coca-Cola, Dell Alienware, Louis Vuitton, and State Farm.

    Naz will be interviewed by Dr. Windy Dees as part of the Sponsorships module.

    David Higdon

    David Higdon serves as the Global Head of Communications, Esports for Riot Games and VALORANT Esports. David is an expert in building diverse and inclusive teams and creating dynamic live events and memorable guest experiences. He works to amplify storytelling around Riot Games’ League of Legends global events as well as its 12 global leagues, teams, players, and partners. David has served in global leadership roles for several Esport and traditional sport industry organizations such as Riot Games, LPGA Tour, and NASCAR.

    David will be interviewed by Dr. Tywan Martin as part of the Communications and Media Relations module.

  • Global Esports Management Faculty

    The Global Esports Certificate program will be taught by faculty from the University of Miami Sport Administration Program.

    Dr. Windy Dees

    Dr. Windy Dees is an associate professor in the Department of Kinesiology & Sport Sciences. Dr. Dees has research specializations in sports marketing and sponsorship, and she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on these topics at UM. Her research focuses on the effectiveness of corporate partnerships and how sponsors and properties execute successful sport marketing strategies. Her research has examined a multitude of variables related to effective event sponsorship and marketing, including brand awareness and brand personality, consumer attitudes, image enhancement, and purchase behavior. More recently, Dr. Dees has begun to examine the role that activation plays in helping brands leverage their corporate sponsorship campaigns.

    Dr. Tywan Martin

    An associate professor in UM’s Department of Kinesiology and Sport Sciences, Dr. Tywan Martin Martin’s primary research focus is on the influence, persuasion, and impact of media messages on consumer behavior across various platforms (e.g., magazines, television, social media, mobile devices). Additionally, his research examines brand perception and how associated thoughts and ideas about sport brands are utilized to influence fan behavior. He has taught several undergraduate and graduate courses that focus on the implications of effective communication through the lens of public and media relations.

    Dr. Erin McNary

    Dr. Erin L. McNary is an assistant professor of professional practice in the Sport Administration program. She has taught at Indiana University-Bloomington and two different universities in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. McNary also has several years of experience in campus recreation at Arizona State University and the University of Texas-San Antonio, as well as five years of experience working for a national physical activity and fitness awards program. Her research explores sport management pedagogy, the promotion of and ethics in youth sport communication and marketing, advertising, and promotion of youth and marginalized athletes.

    Paul Resnick

    Paul Resnick is a senior lecturer in the Sport Administration Program. He also has six years of experience working in professional sports with the Florida Marlins, in executive affairs and community affairs. While in community affairs, he oversaw the Florida Marlins Speakers Bureau, Ballpark Buddies for Youth, the Marlins’ Community Booth, and the team’s Arts Program. He also coordinated the team newsletter and events calendar. Resnick also worked very closely with local and national not-for-profits, building relationships and providing community assistance. Paul was also a member of the 2003 Marlins World Championship team and helped organize events for the post-season as part of the Hospitality and Entertainment Committee.

    Dr. Warren A. Whisenant

    A professor and chair of UM’s Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences, Dr. Warren A. Whisenant has been with UM since 2005. His research, most of which has focused on gender and organizational issues within interscholastic athletics, has been published in a variety of academic journals. Whisenant also has more than 20 years of professional experience with three global organizations: Hewitt Associates, KFC-USA, and Frito Lay, Inc. He has coordinated sponsorships and promotional programs with sport organizations including the Kentucky Derby, the Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway, and two minor league baseball teams - the Louisville Redbirds and the El Paso Diablos.

  • How will I Benefit from UM's Program?

    By combining the University of Miami faculty’s expertise with the hands-on, practical experience of Esports executives, you will gain an understanding of the Esports industry that is grounded in both academic rigor and real-world understanding. The curriculum is truly global, addressing the reality of this industry.

    The faculty teaching in this program are leaders in sports management, including sports marketing and sponsorships, sports communications, event management, and college sports administration. They have collectively published more than 100 articles in peer-reviewed journals and 12 books or book chapters. Their work has been cited by their peers more than 2,250 times. In addition to academic and research excellence, every faculty member has professional work experience within the sports industry.

    Faculty have worked with Esports executives from around the world to craft the content of this program. In addition, each module of the program will include an interview of a professional currently in that area of Esports, conducted by the faculty member teaching that module. These deep-dive discussions apply the module’s theory to real-life activation.

    When you enroll in the program, you will also gain access to the University of Miami’s Annual Global Sport Industry Conference (SIC), as well as quarterly online panel discussions and webinars with Esports industry executives. Your access will continue after you earn your certificate.

  • Is this Program Right for me?

    Individuals from a wide range of backgrounds will benefit from this program. You do not need prior knowledge of or experience within the Esports business environment or sports industry.

    • Individuals with experience in Esports or sports will complement their experience with academic insights and learn more about the global business and culture of Esports.
    • Individuals currently in the sports industry will learn how to apply their experience and skills to Esports.
    • Individuals who are studying or working in a related business, marketing, or sports management and have an interest in Esports will gain additional coursework specialized to the industry.
    • Individuals working at retail or consumer brand corporations – especially those who handle sponsorships, events, marketing, advertising and customer experiences – will gain valuable insights into marketing and opportunities related to the Esports industry.
    • Entrepreneurs interested in entering the Esports field will gain a valuable perspective on the industry and its future.
    • Media and entertainment organizations will learn about the Esports market and its various segments, and gain an understanding of its global nature and culture.
    • College athletics staff and those running Esports programs will learn more about the global nature of Esports and gain additional training in all aspects of the industry.

  • What Languages are Offered?

    The UM Global Esports Management Certificate program is offered online in English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese.

  • How Long is the Program?

    Students have five weeks to complete the program’s five self-paced modules. It is designed for students to complete one module per week.

  • Program Format and Location

    The UM Global Esports Management Certificate program is offered online in English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. The program is a self-paced, online program consisting of reading materials, recordings to watch, and quizzes. Participants can enroll and begin the course at any time.

  • Tuition and Fees

    The cost of the program is $2,500. It includes all five modules, access to the University of Miami’s Global Sport Industry Conference, and exclusive access to quarterly online panel discussions with Esports executives. This access continues after you have earned your certificate.

    Financial assistance and payment plans are available for this program. To learn more, please speak with an enrollment advisor at (305) 284-4000.

  • What Can I Do After Earning the Certificate?

    Program graduates will be able to advance their careers through an understanding of the future of the Esports business environment globally. You will have the competitive advantage of a certificate from the University of Miami, earned in a program taught by leaders in the sports management field.

    You will be positioned to transition into or advance in the Esports business, working for league organizers, broadcast platforms, teams, colleges, sponsors, or corporate and marketing organizations. You will also be positioned to add Esports-related responsibilities to positions in merchandising, advertising, media rights management, event production, and more.

  • What are the Requirements to Earn the Certificate?

    To earn the Global Esports certificate, you must complete all five modules and earn an 80% on each module-end quiz.

  • Required Courses

    To earn the Global Esports certificate, you must complete all five modules and earn an 80% on each module-end quiz.

    The five modules are:

    • Introduction to Esports
    • Marketing and Data Insights
    • Sponsorships
    • Event Experiences
    • Communications and Media Relations

  • Display Your Accomplishments With our Career and Professional Development Badges

    The Office of Professional Advancement has instituted a badging system. Graduates of our programs will be able to virtually display a badge, which showcases a skillset to prospective employers and professional colleagues.

    Badges are earned by successfully completing a certificate program through the Office of Professional Advancement. Upon completion, you will receive an email with instructions on how to collect your badge. Once collected, you can display your badge on social media sites like LinkedIn. Any potential employer will be able to click on the badge for a list of specific skills associated with the respective certificate received.

    For more information about our career and professional development badging, please call us at 305-284-4000.

  • Prerequisites

    There are no prerequisites for this program. You do not need prior knowledge of or experience with Esports or sports.

  • Have Questions?

    Call 305-284-4000 or opa@miami.edu for more information. Our enrollment advisors can answer any questions or schedule a telephone or video meeting to discuss your goals and opportunities. for more information. Our enrollment advisors can answer any questions or schedule a telephone or video meeting to discuss your goals and opportunities.

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