Welcome to the Green Professional Building Skills Training (GPRO) Certificate Program

GPRO is North America’s top program for teaching the people who build, renovate and maintain buildings the principles of sustainability, combined with techniques they can use on the job the very next day.

The University of Miami GPRO Certificate Program is customized for the climate and regional needs of South Florida. Participants learn to use building metrics to reduce operating costs, improve occupancy rates and raise tenant satisfaction. This knowledge enables them to implement leading-edge practices that reduce energy, water use and waste, plus make buildings healthier and safer for occupants.

Offered in partnership with the Urban Green Council, an affiliate of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the GPRO certificate course is taught by GPRO-certified University of Miami instructors who are experienced professionals in the construction industry and are well-informed about sustainability issues. The program is offered through the University of Miami’s Office of Professional Advancement, in partnership with the UM College of Engineering’s Master of Science in Construction Management Program.

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Quick Facts About the Program

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  • Career Outlook

    Buildings are major consumers of natural resources in the U.S., accounting for 47% of energy and 13% of water use. It’s not surprising that green building techniques are increasingly important for facilities and construction staff across the country. Many municipalities have begun requiring that building owners monitor and benchmark water and energy consumption, and trained professionals will be required to gather and interpret the data. At the same time, owners are interested in the cost benefits and increased desirability of resources-conscious buildings.

    Students who earn a GPRO Certificate have an industry-recognized credential that demonstrates their knowledge of the most current sustainability best practices, giving them an edge over other applicants as they navigate the job market. Also, general contractors and trade subcontractors working on LEED projects benefit from having GPRO Certificate Holders among the staff and trades working on those projects.

    Green building momentum is consistently increasing. It’s where the jobs are now, in both existing and new construction, and where jobs continue to grow.

  • What will I learn?

    The University of Miami offers Fundamentals of Building Green, which is the building block of all GPRO training, and useful to a range of students who need a working understanding of sustainability in the built environment. Operation and Maintenance Essentials, which UM also offers, guides participants through the strategies needed to improve operational efficiency with hands-on, actionable training. Click the links above to download the course outlines.

    Participants in the GPRO Certificate Program learn how to understand and measure energy and water consumption in properties – particularly multifamily residential, condominium and high-rise commercial buildings. They learn how to ascertain a building’s energy use index and develop heightened awareness of sustainability measures, as well as energy and water utility consumption and metering.

    The course helps develop expertise in:

    • Fundamental knowledge about sustainability and resilience
    • Improving the building envelope for a healthier building
    • Reducing water usage
    • Increasing cooling and heating system efficiency
    • Managing lighting for minimal energy use with maximum quality
    • Maintaining indoor air quality
    • Reducing waste
    • Operational and property resilience

  • How will I benefit from UM's program?

    The University of Miami GPRO Certificate Program teaches relevant material that workers need to know. The GPRO exam provides third-party verification by the national Urban Green Council, and shows that participants have completed and understood the material. This course also qualifies for 12 AIA and GBCI continuing education (CE) credits.

    The GPRO Certificate Program is also a module in the University of Miami’s Master of Science in Construction Management (MSCM) Program. Participating MSCM students will earn 1 academic credit unit in addition to the GPRO Certificate.

    Participants will learn from instructors who have at least five years of professional experience in the specific field and are experts in sustainability issues.

  • Is this program right for me?

    Because GPRO is the gateway sustainability training program for building professionals, it is appropriate for a wide variety of individuals. Real estate owners, property and facility managers, building superintendents, high-rise operators, construction professionals, engineers, architects, corporate office sustainability managers, and government officials will all benefit from this certificate. Banking professionals who are involved with funding sustainability-related improvement projects will also benefit from a better understanding of consumption measuring, benchmarking and adjusting.

    College students who are interested in entering the building and construction industry will also benefit from the sustainability training this program offers.

    Fundamentals of Building Green is ideal for a range of audiences, including sales or administrative staff who work in real estate, construction, architecture or engineering, workforce development, and facilities and operations support staff.

    Operations & Maintenance Essentials is ideal for building superintendents, operators, facility and property managers, operating engineers, and stationary engineers.

  • How long is the program?

    Fundamentals of Building Green is 4 hours, and Operations & Maintenance Essentials is 12 hours. In order to be eligible to take the GPRO certificate exam, participants must attend all hours of both courses.

  • Tuition and Fees

    The price for the full certificate program, including Building Green and Operations & Maintenance Essentials, is $1,995.00, with an additional $195 for course materials, including the exam fees. If a student needs to retake an exam, an additional retake fee of $25 will apply.

  • Financial Assistance Options

    Financial assistance and payment plans are available for this program. To learn more, please speak with an enrollment advisor at (305) 284-4000.

  • What can I do after earning the certificate?

    The GPRO certificate distinguishes professionals in the field who are looking to enter the workforce or advance within their careers. Participants who pass the exam and earn the GPRO certificate stay ahead of the curve with training on high-performance building construction. The GPRO certificate empowers participants to integrate green building practices into their everyday work and to more fully understand and advocate for efficient and healthy buildings. They also earn a professional credential that can be included on resumes, business cards and email signatures.

    Students in the UM College of Engineering’s Master of Science in Construction Management Program will earn 1 credit towards their degree.

  • What are the requirements to earn the certificate

    To earn a GPRO Certificate, students must attend all course hours and pass the 50-question multiple choice exam at the conclusion of the class. The passing score is 70% or higher.

  • Required Courses

    There are no prerequisites to taking a GPRO class.

  • Have questions?

    For more information, please call 305-284-4000. Our enrollment advisors can answer any questions or schedule a meeting to discuss your goals and opportunities.

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