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The University of Miami has expanded paralegal program offerings, with emphasis on skill building and advanced application based learning in specific areas of law. Each Paralegal Concentration utilizes textbooks and resources associated with an area of law, structured in incremental learning, centered on key concepts, rights, remedies, legal trends, procedure, research, and writing. The Paralegal Concentration Certificate Programs allow paralegals to reinforce current skills and build higher level skills in areas of law that are in high demand for paralegal careers.

This program is offered through the Office of Professional Advancement at the University of Miami.

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Quick Facts About the Program

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  • Career Outlook

    While the role of the paralegal is sometimes diverse, the truth is that paralegals can perform most of the same duties as a lawyer. Other than giving legal advice and representing a client in court, there are few tasks that the paralegal isn’t equipped to do. Preparing briefs and documents, performing legal research, conducting client and witness interviews, organizing case files, and assisting attorneys in their duties are all part of the paralegal’s rich and varied skill set. Just like lawyers, paralegals can either handle a broad spectrum of legal matters or focus on specialized topics like real estate law, federal tax law, immigration law, wills and trust law, or a host of other subjects.

    The U.S. Department of Labor projects that the employment rate for paralegals will grow by 17% between 2012 and 2022, much higher than the average growth rate for all professions combined. With the employment rate for lawyers expected to grow only 10% during that same time frame, it’s clear that the legal profession will be relying heavily on paralegals in the near future. To reduce costs and increase the availability and efficiency of legal services, more firms will rely on paralegals to perform tasks once handled by lawyers.

  • What Will I Learn?

    Each program focuses on one specific area of law. Complete course descriptions can be viewed at http://continue.miami.edu/en/packagedetail.aspx?p=119

    1. Business Law
    2. Contract Law
    3. Immigration Law
    4. Litigation
    5. Real Estate Law
    6. Wills & Trusts

  • How Will I Benefit From UM's Program?

    Our certificate programs enable those with paralegal training to expand their knowledge base and focus on a specialized area that interests them. This supplemental learning will position the paralegal to be more competitive in the workplace and will enhance the skill set the paralegal brings to the legal profession. Knowledge of specific legal areas such as criminal law, personal injury law, and intellectual property law, for example, could increase a paralegal’s value when providing litigation support to a law team.

  • Is This Program Right For Me?

    The Paralegal Practice Area Specialist Certificate offerings are best suited for paralegals looking to increase their value and advance their career by focusing on one specific area of law. The online format offers the flexibility to learn at your own pace from any location.

  • How Long Is The Program?

    The program is six months in length.

  • Program Format & Location

    Each program is offered in an online format. The Paralegal Certificate online program is offered at the start of each month. Students can enroll in any month, January through December.

  • Tuition & Fees

    The price for each program is $2,995.00

  • Financial Assistance Options

    To learn more, please speak with an enrollment advisor at (305) 284-4000.


  • What Can I Do After Earning The Certificate?

    Program graduates will be qualified for a variety of jobs in both the public and private sectors. Possible employment settings include law firms of all sizes, corporate in-house legal departments, and government offices at the municipal, county, state, or federal level. Paralegal skills and experience also prove valuable to clerks and administrators in the court system, and in certain business or finance jobs where research and analysis play a key role.

  • What Are The Requirements To Earn The Certificate?

    To enroll, students must possess one of the following: a recognized paralegal certificate, an Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies, a bachelor's degree with a paralegal major, or a bachelor's degree or associate degree in any field of study and proof of employment as a paralegal or legal assistant for the past five years in a law firm or corporation under the direct supervision of an attorney.

  • Required Courses

    The specific requirements for each Paralegal Practice Area Specialist offering can be viewed at http://continue.miami.edu/en/packagedetail.aspx?p=119

  • Professional Badges



    The Division of Continuing and International Education’s mission is to empower people to reach their full potential through lifelong and lifewide learning. Revolutionary learning experiences are created for our students to ensure that we meet the demands of the ever-changing economy. We continuously measure our programs’ core competencies, instruction, quality, standards, and service.

    The continuing education landscape has elevated an era of innovation and disruption and as such, the Office of Professional Advancement has instituted a badging system.  Graduates of our programs will be able to virtually display a badge, which showcases their new skillset to prospective employers and professional colleagues.

    How does it Work?

    Badges are earned by successfully completing a certificate program through the Office of Professional Advancement. * Upon completion, you will receive an email with instructions on how to collect your badge. Once collected, you can display your badge on social media sites like LinkedIn. Any potential employer will be able to click on the badge for a list of specific skills associated with the respective certificate received.

    *Please call us for a list of approved programs.

    For more information about our career and professional development badging, please call us at 305-284-4000.

  • Have Questions?

    For more information, please call 305-284-4000. Our enrollment advisors can answer any questions or schedule a meeting to discuss your goals and opportunities.

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