Welcome to the University of Miami Real Estate Staging Workshop Program

Would you like to know the secret for selling a home faster?

Look no further than Real Estate Staging. Our workshop introduces you to the process and business behind Real Estate Staging.  Professional Real Estate Stagers define staging as, the act of preparing and showcasing residential or commercial property for sale

It is a systematic and coordinated methodology in which knowledge of real estate business, design principles, remodeling and consumer behavior psychology are applied to attract a buyer.

The way we function in our homes is perfect for our day-to-day lives.  However, when you decide to list your home for sale, you must think how to properly merchandise it.

By the end of classes, you will have the foundation to begin building your Real Estate Staging business.


Quick Facts About the Program

  • What Will I Learn?

    • What is real estate staging?
    • How staging can help you prepare for selling
    • Why staging is important in today’s market
    • Common misconceptions about staging
    • Staging and real estate agents
    • How to start your staging business from the ground up
      • Review the market
      • Overview of your target customer
      • Your business goals
      • Your strategies and tactics
      • Your budget
      • Your resources
      • How to handle objections

  • How Long Is The Program?

    The workshop consist of 20 hours of training:

    • April 13th & 20th
      8:30 AM- 5:00 PM 
    • April 27th
      8:30 AM- 12:30 PM

  • Program Format & Location

    Workshop will be offered at the Coral Gables campus

  • Tuition & Fees


  • Financial Assistance Options

    Financial assistance and payment plans are available for this program. To learn more, please speak with an enrollment advisor at (305) 284-4000.


  • Faculty

    Aimee Lopez

    I.C. Designs by Aimee is focused on providing high-quality Interior and insured contractors for residential and commercial properties. She can help you to invest wisely to enjoy your living space, or staging your property to sell it faster than competitors in the market. Aimee works with all budgets and every creation is special to her. She has staged properties over $1 million dollars in the areas of Brickell, Coral Gables, Pinecrest,and South Miami. From a Fashion Designer mother and an artistic entrepreneurial family, Aimee was raised in a world of couture fashion. Professionally, she has worked 7 years in the high-end Women's Clothing Industry between N.Y. and Miami, as well as a Visual Merchandiser; more than 15 years in the Real Estate Business: Remodeling, Interior Designing, and Staging Properties for Sale. She has degrees in Marketing and Fashion Showmanship, Interior Design, and a Master's in International Business.

    Photo of Instructor Aimee Lopez

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