Welcome to the University of Miami Patient Advocacy Certificate Program

Earn a certificate in Patient Advocacy at the University of Miami in just 4 months. The eight-module, fully online course, prepares students to confidently take and pass the Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA) certification examination, while ensuring that students are fully informed about the scope of practice of the patient advocate. 

The main goals of the Patient Advocacy Certificate Program are:

  • To build public trust in the growing profession. 
  • To offer those who are already acting advocates an opportunity to enhance their knowledge.
  • To provide foundation information for new advocates.
  • To ensure current and future advocates have a education program to support their desired goals.

Certification exams and credentialing are not associated or included with the University of Miami certificate programs. Graduates or participants of a University of Miami certificate program are independently responsible for certification requirements, costs, and fees and are encouraged to view the certification website and contact test administrators to find out exam details and logistics.

This program is offered through the Office of Professional Advancement at the University of Miami.


Quick Facts About the Program

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  • Career Outlook

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the annual wage for Patient/Healthcare Advocates ranges between $42,510 and $54,870, depending on the location.

    Industries with the highest levels of employment in Healthcare Advocacy include:


    Employment (1)

    Percent of industry employment

    Hourly mean wage

    Annual mean wage (2)

    General Medical and Surgical Hospitals





    Individual and Family Services





    Home Health Care Services





    Nursing Care Facilities (Skilled Nursing Facilities)





    Outpatient Care Centers






  • What Will I Learn?

    Graduates from the Patient Advocacy Certificate Program will gain proficiency in:

    • Role of the Patient Advocate
    • Understanding the Patient Illness Experience
    • Healthcare Communication and Professionalism
    • Quality Care and Patient Safety
    • Ethics in Healthcare
    • Healthcare Financing
    • Professional and Business Development
    • Preparing to take the Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA) Exam- Test Prep

  • How Will I Benefit from UM’s Program?

    The Patient Advocacy Certificate Program will prepare students to confidently take and pass the Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA) certification examination. Furthermore, it creates a learning environment that offers students the opportunity to engage with peers and develop their goals for future advocacy.

  • Is This Program Right for Me?

    The program is designed with everyone in mind. You do not need a background in healthcare in order to join the program. If you are interested in the field, or if you are looking for a career change, this program is for you.

  • Program Format, Location, and Length

    The program is four-months, and it is taught fully online.

  • Tuition & Fees

    The cost of the online program is $2,995.

    The course does not include registration to the Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA) certification examination.

  • Financial Assistance Options

    Financial assistance and payment plans are available for this program. To learn more, please speak with an enrollment advisor at (305) 284-4000.


  • What Can I Do After Earning the Certificate?

    Completion of this certificate provides the graduate an excellent opportunity to develop or enhance their Patient Advocacy knowledge and skills, positioning them well in their current or future careers. The Patient Advocacy Certificate is a key resume component of professionals in a wide array of industries. In addition, participants seeking certification can register to take the BCPA examination through the Patient Advocate Certification Board.

  • Where can I find more information on the BCPA?

    More information, including dates and costs, can be found on the PACB website.

  • What are the requirements to earn the certificate?

    No specific experience or education required.

  • Faculty


  • Professional Badges



    The Division of Continuing and International Education’s mission is to empower people to reach their full potential through lifelong and lifewide learning. Revolutionary learning experiences are created for our students to ensure that we meet the demands of the ever-changing economy. We continuously measure our programs’ core competencies, instruction, quality, standards, and service.

    The continuing education landscape has elevated an era of innovation and disruption and as such, the Office of Professional Advancement has instituted a badging system. Graduates of our programs will be able to virtually display a badge, which showcases their new skillset to prospective employers and professional colleagues.

    How does it Work?

    Badges are earned by successfully completing a certificate program through the Office of Professional Advancement. * Upon completion, you will receive an email with instructions on how to collect your badge. Once collected, you can display your badge on social media sites like LinkedIn. Any potential employer will be able to click on the badge for a list of specific skills associated with the respective certificate received.

    *Please call us for a list of approved programs.

    For more information about our career and professional development badging, please call us at 305-284-4000.

  • Have Questions?

    For more information, please call 305-284-4000. Our enrollment advisors can answer any questions or schedule a meeting to discuss your goals and opportunities.

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