Welcome to the University of Miami Allergy Diagnostics & Allergen Immunotherapy Training Program

The Division of Continuing and International Education in collaboration with Miller School of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, offers the Allergy Diagnostics & Allergen Immunotherapy Training.

Allergic Disease Management in Primary Care, closing the educational gap between the current knowledge and understanding of a non-board certified allergist with a special interest in managing patients suffering from noncomplex or non-life threatening allergic disease.

This course targets primary care and pediatric providers including physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and certified medical assistants. The certificate course will also be appropriate education for interested providers working in the following specialties; Otolaryngology, Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine, Dermatology, OBGYN, Ophthalmology and other providers that encounter patients suffering from allergy symptoms outside of the allergy/immunology specialist setting.

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Quick Facts About the Program

  • Career Outlook for Non-physicians

    Upon completion of the course:

    • You will be able to perform and interpret allergy skin and blood tests
    • You will know how and what allergens cause allergic reactions
    • You will be able to administer allergy treatment including allergen immunotherapy
    • You will understand how allergic disease management relates to other chronic condition management such as pulmonary, sinus, sleep, ophthalmic and dermatologic disorders for example.
    • You will understand the relevant billing and coding required for practicing allergy in primary care and other specialty care environments
    • You will be introduced to ‘concepts of allergic disease managements relationship to Value Based Care approaches in primary care’ such as what insurance companies and ACO’s are looking for to justify these treatment approaches outside of allergist settings.
    • You will be able to
      • work with Primary care Physicians
      • work for Allergists
      • perform the relevant billing and coding required for allergy testing and treatment

  • What Will I Learn?

    Participants will gain a greater level of knowledge in the following areas:

    • Basics: Allergy and the Immune System
    • Allergens: aeroallergens, food, mammalian, and Inhalant Insects.
    • Practical allergy skin and blood testing, interpretation and diagnosis
    • Adverse Effects: Risk reduction, prevention, treatment and management of Anaphylaxis
    • Clinical Pharmacology: Allergy medications
    • Allergy prevention and avoidance
    • Desensitization and Immunotherapy (benefits and cost effectiveness of allergen immunotherapy in primary care)
    • Economics of Managing Allergy in Primary Care. Billing, Coding & Compliance and Fee for Service vs. Value Based Medicine approaches.

  • How Will I Benefit From UM's Program?

    Participants will gain a greater level of understanding in the following areas:

    • Why allergies are growing across the population
    • What substances trigger allergy symptoms
    • How to safely and accurately confirm a patient’s specific allergy triggers
    • How to accurately measure the level of allergic reactions resulting from allergy testing
    • Which treatment methods are available for physicians and their patients
    • How your allergy treatment complements other chronic condition management
    • How to code allergy testing and treatment for receiving insurance reimbursement
    • Growing evidence for cost savings associated with allergic disease management

  • Is This Program Right For Me?

    Participants should have experience working in the Medical Field. For example, he/she could be a Physician, Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner or a Certified Medical Assistant working with a Medical Office.

  • How Long Is The Program?

    7 Hours

  • Program Format & Location

    Once day workshop
    University of Miami Miller School Medicine
    Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    Gautier Building, Room 118.

  • Tuition & Fees


  • What Are The Requirements To Earn The Certificate?

    Participants need prior recognized training in Medical Degree, Nursing Degree, Physician Assistant Degree, Certified Medical Assistant and attend all the lectures and hands on training of the course.

  • Faculty

    • Dr. Zafar Nawaz, Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Course Director)
    • Dr. Fredric Pullen, Professor, vol, Department of Otolaryngology
    • Dr. Sultan Ahmed, Volunteer Faculty, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

  • Have Questions?

    Call 305-284-4000 or complete the request for more information. Our enrollment advisors can answer any questions or schedule a meeting to discuss your goals and opportunities.

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