Welcome to the Instructional Design & Technology Program

Instructional Design & Technology is an online series of courses designed for education professionals and corporate trainers who are interested in instructional design, alternative instructional delivery systems and designing online courses or modules. It offers professionals the opportunity to bridge the gap between research and practice. 

  1. Technology Specialist: prepares participants to oversee the smooth implementation of technology throughout a curriculum, whether in an educational institution, job training context or corporate training division.
  2. Multimedia Design and Publication for Instruction: takes an in-depth look at multimedia tools, design, development, publication and evaluation, examining what works and why.
  3. Online Instructional Design: provides practical knowledge on online instruction and distance education, developing participants’ skills in delivering instruction in this fashion.


This program is offered through the Division of Continuing and International Education at the University of Miami.

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Quick Facts About the Program

  • Career Outlook

    There are thousands of unfilled jobs in instructional design and technology due to a dearth of qualified professionals. Institutions are increasingly hiring technology specialists to oversee the smooth implementation of technology throughout the organization. In addition, as the demand for online classes increases, so does the demand for quality courses and instruction. Yet, many training experts are unqualified to deliver distance learning. Recipients of the Instructional Design & Technology Certificate are ideally poised to fill this void, whether in full-time positions or as an addition to regular teaching and administrative responsibilities, with added earning capacity.

  • What Will I Learn?

    Instructional Technology Specialist

    This course teaches the theories behind online instruction and provides the knowledge and skills to improve its effectiveness. It also addresses issues such as managing the technology infrastructure for classroom or organizational use, models for delivering staff development, the process of institution improvement, issues facing technology leaders, and emerging technologies. Participants will gain skills and confidence in implementing and managing technology throughout the curriculum, and will explore juggling being an administrator, an instructor and a technology leader. They will complete key projects including creating an “Acceptable Use Policy,” identifying appropriate technology grants for their institutions and developing an institutional instructional technology plan.

    Multimedia Design and Publication for Instruction

    This course takes an in-depth look at multimedia and learning theory, as well as the use of various instructional design tools and design theory. Participants will learn to apply multimedia principles to a problem, and will work with text, graphics, video and sound to create instructional activities that incorporate various approaches to and theories of teaching and learning. They will be able to evaluate which approaches and interfaces work, and explain how and why. Throughout the course, participants will use a variety of tools to create projects for various learners, including creating an ePortfolio using Weebly, brainstorming  using mindmapping software and evaluating a Webquest from zunal.com using Screencast-o-matic.

    Online Instructional Design

    This course is designed for instructors and students in instructional design and technology who are or will be developing distance-learning environments. Each participant will design content in an actual Learning Management System, such as Blackboard. This course looks at best practices for creating and delivering online instruction for all levels of education and corporate training, and includes both practical knowledge and theoretical frameworks for distance education.

  • How Will I Benefit From UM's Program?

    Through the coursework offered in the Instructional Design & Technology Certificate, participants will develop a deep understanding of learning theory, multimedia theory and how the two come together in online learning. They will be able to evaluate online instruction platforms and courses and choose those that best meet the needs of their institution, as well as explain the thinking behind those choices. They will be prepared to manage technology-based training and education plans, and to create online courses using current technology.


    Instructional Technology Specialist:

    The technology specialist has to juggle being an administrator, a teacher, and a technology guru. This course will explore these roles and help you to better perform your role as a technology leader.

    Multimedia Design and Publication

    This course is useful for instructors who are interested in designing or improving multimedia lessons in a school setting, job training contexts and informal environments

    Online Instructional Design

    Instructors and students in instructional design and technology will gain practical knowledge of distance education, including theoretical frameworks.

  • Is This Program Right For Me?

    The certificate in Instructional Technology is designed for educational professionals and corporate trainers who are interested in instructional design, alternative instructional delivery systems, and integrating technology into instruction. It offers professionals the opportunity to bridge the gap between research and practice.

    The certificate is ideal for trainers and heads of training who want to understand the theories of instructional design, as well as for entry-level instructional designers.

  • How Long Is The Program?

    Courses are five weeks in length and can be taken individually, but all three must be taken in order to earn the certificate.

  • Program Format & Location

    This program is fully online

  • Tuition & Fees

    Per course - $995.00

  • Financial Assistance Options

    Financial assistance and payment plans are available for this program. To learn more, please speak with an enrollment advisor at (305) 284-4000.

  • What can I do after completing the program?

    You will be qualified to act as instructional technology coordinators or managers, or to advance in their careers as instructional designers. They will have the tools and knowledge to create projects with instructional design software, and to select and implement online learning for educational institutions or corporate environments.

  • What Are The Requirements?

    Students must complete all three courses: Instructional Design Specialist, Multimedia Design and Publication for Instruction, and Online Instructional Design.

  • Required Courses

    There are no requirements or prerequisites for enrollment in these courses.

  • Faculty

    Rik Bair, PhD

  • Professional Badges



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    How does it Work?

    Badges are earned by successfully completing a certificate program through the Office of Professional Advancement. * Upon completion, you will receive an email with instructions on how to collect your badge. Once collected, you can display your badge on social media sites like LinkedIn. Any potential employer will be able to click on the badge for a list of specific skills associated with the respective certificate received.

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  • Have Questions?

    Call 305-284-4000 or complete the request for more information. Our enrollment advisors can answer any questions or schedule a meeting to discuss your goals and opportunities. 


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