Welcome to the University of Miami Cyber Security Ethical Hacking Certificate Program

The purpose of this program is to increase your already impressive skillset, turning you from an IT or cyber professional into a certified offensive security specialist. Our partner in continuing education, HackerU, has a team of cyber industry experts and a network of hiring partners dedicated to pinpointing the gaps in cyber skills, knowledge, and the certifications that make an ethical hacker stand out to top employers. Based on their research, this program's curriculum was designed to meet and exceed market demand.

This program is suited for students looking to advance their IT careers in the direction of offensive cyber security, penetration testing, and ethical hacking.

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Quick Facts About the Program

  • Career Outlook

    In recent years, demand for cyber security professionals has surged. Corporations and national organizations are hunting for gifted hackers who will help them identify the vulnerabilities within their own systems. 

    Our graduates are qualified for a variety of Cyber Security and Pen Testing roles, including:

    • Ethical Hackers
    • Penetration Testers
    • Cyber Security Technicians
    • Cyber Security Defense Analysts
    • Network Defense Technicians
    • IT Vulnerability Specialists
    • Digital Forensics Examiners
    • Cyber Security Analysts
    • Cyber Network Defenders
    • Threat Hunters
    • Adaptive Threat Replication Engineers
    • Red Team Operators
    • Threat Response Detection Engineers
    • Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) Members
    • Network Security Engineers
    • Vulnerability Assessment Analysts
    • Cyber Security Operations Specialists
    • Network Security Technicians
    • Cyber Security Crime Investigators
    • Cyber Security Analysts

  • What Will I Learn?

    During the Cyber Security – Ethical Hacking course, students will dive in head first with in-depth examinations of Cyber Security, Penetration Testing, and Ethical Hacking strategies, and methodologies. You will grow your knowledge of all the different cutting-edge technologies and frameworks needed to set up, maintain, and protect various organizations from impending Cyber Threats.

  • How Will I Benefit From UM's Program?

    As a student, you will attend lectures; take part in individual and group exercises, and get access to virtual Cyber Labs and real-world simulations that teach you to identify vulnerabilities on a multitude of platforms. Our goal is to give you a comprehensive and enjoyable, hands-on educational experience geared towards providing you with the tools and insights you need to make it as Professional Ethical Hacker.

  • Is This Program Right For Me?

    This program is suited for students looking to advance their Cyber Security and IT Network Security careers in the direction of Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking.

  • How Long Is The Program?

    310 hours of total training.

  • Program Format & Location

    Evening classes are available

  • Tuition & Fees

    Tuition is $13,000

  • Financial Assistance Options

    Financial assistance and payment plans are available for this program. To learn more, please speak with an enrollment advisor at (305) 284-4000.


  • What Are The Requirements To Earn The Certificate?

    Technical background or a strong self-taught knowledge base.

    Professional evaluation admissions exam.

  • Required Courses


    • Trial Course
    • Advanced Infrastructure Attacks
    • Cross-Platform Elevation of Privileges
    • Python Programming for Security
    • Web Application Penetration Testing
    • Hacking Fundamentals & Exam Prep
    • Career Services

  • Faculty


  • Professional Badges



    The Division of Continuing and International Education’s mission is to empower people to reach their full potential through lifelong and lifewide learning. Revolutionary learning experiences are created for our students to ensure that we meet the demands of the ever-changing economy. We continuously measure our programs’ core competencies, instruction, quality, standards, and service.

    The continuing education landscape has elevated an era of innovation and disruption and as such, the Office of Professional Advancement has instituted a badging system. Graduates of our programs will be able to virtually display a badge, which showcases their new skillset to prospective employers and professional colleagues.

    How does it Work?

    Badges are earned by successfully completing a certificate program through the Office of Professional Advancement. * Upon completion, you will receive an email with instructions on how to collect your badge. Once collected, you can display your badge on social media sites like LinkedIn. Any potential employer will be able to click on the badge for a list of specific skills associated with the respective certificate received.

    *Please call us for a list of approved programs.

    For more information about our career and professional development badging, please call us at 305-284-4000.

  • Have Questions?

    Call 305-284-4000 or email opa@miami.edu. Our enrollment advisors can answer any questions or schedule a meeting to discuss your goals and opportunities.


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